Police Department FAQ

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Police Department FAQ
How do I report an emergency?
  • Dial 9-1-1 and be prepared to provide the location and a description of the emergency. An emergency is when:
    • Life and/or property are in immediate danger
    • There is fire or smoke
    • A crime is being committed
    • Emergency medical or rescue assistance is needed

Contact Information

  • Address: 730 Main St. Placerville, CA 95667, Business Phone Number: (530)642-5210, Non-Emergency Dispatch Phone Number: (530)642-5280, FAX Phone Number :(530)-642-5258
How can I become a Volunteer?
  • Visit the cities webpage for an S.H.I.E.L.D. volunteer application.
How do I contest a parking citation?
  • City of Placerville issues parking citations for the Downtown area of Placerville. If you have any questions you may contact them at (530) 642-5200.
  • To Appeal a citation/ticket please go to www.parkingticketpayment.com/placerville (appeals cannot be solved through the number above)
  • Payments for citations/tickets may be made at www.parkingticketpayment.com/placerville or you may send your payment to: City of Placerville, Citation Services Center, P.O. Box 63246, Irvine, CA. 92602 (payments cannot be received by City Hall)
How do I obtain a clearance letter?
  • You may request a letter of clearance from the Placerville Police Department. The letter will certify that you have not been convicted of any criminal matter within the jurisdiction of the city of Placerville. Please allow 10 days to process. The fee for this service is $50.00.
What is an Alarm Permit and why do I need it?

Placerville City Code Ordinance 6-14-4, No person shall install, connect, operate or maintain, or cause to be installed, connected, operated or maintained, an alarm system upon any property of which such person is in possession without first obtaining an alarm system permit therefore in accordance with the provisions in this chapter. Residential alarm permit fee - $35.00, Business alarm permit fee - $85.00. False alarm (first) – no fee, False alarm (4 in 30 days) - $150.00, False alarm (7 in 60 days) - $270.00, False alarm – (8 in 180 days) - $300.00. You may come into the Placerville Police Dept. and obtain the alarm permit application. On-line for Alarm Permit Form Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:30.

Does the Police Department do fingerprinting?
  • The Placerville Police Dept. provides Live Scan (digital) and Fingerprint card services for the community by appointment only. Tuesday – Thursday, 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Call 530-642-5210 for an appointment. There is a rolling fee of $20.00. Other fees that you may be responsible for are DOJ (California) $32.00, and FBI (National) $17.00. If your live scan form does not have a billing number, then you will be responsible for all fees. For your appointment, you will need the following: Live Scan Request Form or a Fingerprint card. (This should be supplied to you by the agency requesting your background.) A valid Driver’s License, DMV Identification Card, or Passport. The appointment takes about 15 minutes, and the background is usually at its destination (requesting agency) in three to five business days.

Here is the link for more information on fingerprinting.

How do I get my impounded vehicle back?
  • If your vehicle was impounded by the Placerville Police Dept. you will need to obtain a vehicle release before picking up your vehicle from the towing company. Vehicle Release Fee (Stored) - $150.00. Vehicle Release Fee. You will be required to provide the following prior to the release of your vehicle.
    • 1. Valid Class “C” Driver’s License with Photo I.D.
    • 2. Proof of current vehicle registration
    • 3. Proof of proper insurance
How do I get my property or evidence?
How do I report a missing person?
  • Please call our Dispatch at 530-642-5280