There are five Sergeants assigned to the Operations Division. The Sergeants are the front-line leaders of the Placerville Police Department and are often referred to as Watch Commanders.

The Placerville Police Sergeants are:

Sgt. A. Litzius
Sgt. L. Gadow

Sgt.A. Randall
Sgt. A. Pratt

                      Sgt. E. Taylor

Sergeants are also assigned other duties that include:
  • K-9 program coordinator
  • Less Lethal Weapons Program
  • Range Master
  • PAS/EPAS Device Maintenance
  • Critical Incident Sergeant
  • Training Coordinator

Sergeants provide a vital role in the Police Department, as they are responsible for not only leading their shift in the day-to-day operations; they also mentor, develop, and coach our Police Officers.

Should any member of the public we serve have a question or concern regarding an officer, they are encouraged to contact the Placerville Police Department Watch Commander at (530) 642-5280 or use the email link under the Sergeant's photos above.