The prompt and proper utilization of a trained canine team has proven to be a valuable use of a unique resource in law enforcement. When properly used, a canine team greatly enhances the degree of safety to citizens, enhances individual officer safety, significantly increases the likelihood of a suspect's apprehension, and dramatically reduces the time necessary to conduct searches.

Under the direction of the Operations Division Commander, the K9 Unit consists of one Sergeant designated as the Canine Unit Supervisor, two canine teams of one Police Officer, and one canine police service dog.

The police service dog is assigned to the handler and the dog lives at the handler's home. The handler is responsible for feeding, grooming, and taking care of the dog, both on and off duty. The patrol vehicles that are assigned to the handlers are specially equipped to allow a comfortable and secure area for the dog to ride in during patrol. There is water and a climate control device inside the vehicle to make sure the dog is protected from the environment. The K9 teams often demonstrate their abilities and special skills to schools and other public organizations. Once a police service dog is taken out of active service because of age or medical problems, it is usually retained by its handler where it continues to be a member of the handler's family.

Corporal Robinson and her canine partner Ares from Placerville PD's current K9 team were assigned to patrol operations.  Ares von Haus Schonrock ("Ares" for short) is a purebred German Shepherd who came to the Placerville Police Department in early 2022 from Germany.  A few months later Corporal Robinson and Ares completed their six-week basic handler school and have been patrolling the streets since.  Ares is trained in tracking and apprehension with plans to attend narcotic detection training.  

 Ares was purchased using generous donations from local organizations.  Building and maintaining law enforcement K9 teams is costly and not always covered by a department's budget.  
If you would like to donate to support K9 Ares and/or to help fund a second K9 team for the Placerville Police Department please contact Corporal Robinson via email at
arobinson@cityofplacerville.org or call our office at (530) 642-5210.