Fire Preparedness - Vegetation

Vegetation Ordinance (1698):  "The purpose of this Chapter is to provide for the removal of hazardous vegetation and combustible materials situation in the Placerville City limits so as to reduce the potential for fire and to promote the public safety and welfare of the community."

Defensible Space Guidelines:  These guidelines are directory and not mandatory and are intended to provide examples of fuel modification measures that may be used to create defensible space around structures. Fuel characteristics and terrain vary throughout the City of Placerville. Individual site characteristics may affect the fuel treatment required.

Several other useful links are listed below which are specific for preparation in the event of a wildfire which may require you to evacuate.  The city would like to emphasize that everyone should have a plan for an evacuation including what to do (a communication plan) if you are separated from your family members during the evacuation.  Preparation is the key here.  Once a disaster hits, it is too late for preparation.

Below is a link to the El Dorado County Emergency Preparation page.  There is multiple useful links listed for disaster preparation.