Land Development Toolbox


Community Plans

City of Placerville General Plan

- Policy Document

- Background Report

Broadway Village Corridor Multi-Modal Implementation Plan

Downtown Revitalization Action Plan

General Plan Land Use Map

Housing Element 2021-2029

Downtown Streetscape Plan

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Pedestrian Plan

Placerville Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan

Placerville Drive Development & Implementation Plan

Placerville Drive Multi-Modal Corridor Mobility Study

Development Guidelines / Zoning Standards

Zoning Ordinance (Sterling Codifiers)

Site Plan Review Regulations, Criteria and Procedures

Development Guide

Sign Regulations & Amendments

Short-Term Rental (STR) Ordinance

Zoning Map - Digital

City Municipal Code

Historic District

Subdivision Regulations

Mobile Home Parks - City Code Regulations

Airport Overlay Zone & Regulations

Bed and Breakfast Ordinance

Fire Preparedness \ Vegetation Ordinance

Applications and Forms

The general Planning Application form must accompany all Planning applications regardless of the file type.
The original signature of the legal property owner of record is required at submittal.

Application Review Process \ Flow Chart

Planning Application – Required for All Projects

Abandonment of Easement (AOE)

Annexation Application \ El Dorado LAFCO

Appeals Application

Appeal of Decisions of Planning Commission

Appeal of Decisions of Staff

Certificate of Compliance

Code Complaint

Conditional Use Permit

Supplemental \ Wireless Facilities for CUP and SPR

Environmental Assessment Evaluation

Environmental Information 

General Plan Amendment \ Zoning Amendment

Zoning Amendment 

General Plan Amendment 

General Plan Land Use Amendment

Historic District Review

Lot Line Adjustment/ Tentative Lot Line Adjustment / Boundary Adjustment

Lot Merge / Certificate of Merge

Preliminary Plan Review

Hardship Mobile Home/Manufactured Dwelling

Temporary Mobile Homes or Commercial Coaches

Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental F.A.Q.

 Short-Term Rental Renewal Application

Sign Permits and Submittal Requirements

Master Sign Plan

Special Event Signage

Site Plan Review

Supplemental \ Wireless Facilities for CUP and SPR

Tentative Parcel Map

Map Amendment

Final Subdivision Map

Tentative Subdivision Map

(Special) Temporary Use Permit


Minor Deviation

Fee Schedule

Development Services Department and Other Agency Fee Schedules

Community Participation

Meeting Calendars

Current Vacancies on Commission 
(see Planning Commission webpage)

Current, Proposed, Completed Projects/Activities


Updated: 12/19/22