Engineering Department

 Welcome to the City of Placerville Engineering Department!

The Engineering Department provides general administration and engineering services for the City’s infrastructure (water system, sewer system, drainage facilities, and roadway network).  The Engineering Department also provides management and support of the Hangtown Creek Water Reclamation Facility, in addition to providing inspection services for encroachments in the City Right-of-Way and inspections for permitted residential and commercial development within City limits.

The Engineering Department provides the following services:


1.  Encroachment Permits:  An encroachment application is required to be submitted for any proposed work within the public right-of-way (e.g., street) or any work that proposes to connect to a City owned and maintained utility (e.g., a sewer main).
Please follow this link to the application:  
Encroachment Permits

The City of Placerville has a moratorium in place for work during the holidays. Please see the following link:  Holiday Moratorium Policy and Request to Work

2.  Transportation Permits:  A transportation permit is required within City limits for specific oversized vehicles.   

Please see the following links to the Application and Permit Conditions for more information: Transportation Permit Application and Transportation Permit Conditions 

3.  Grading Permits:  The Engineering Department provides plan review and inspection services for grading projects on private property.  Generally, Grading Permits are required in the City when a project proposes two (2) or more feet in vertical depth of excavation or 50 cubic yards or more of graded material.  (City Code section 8-7-6 addresses the requirements in more detail.) 

Grading Permit applications can be obtained at the Development Services Department on the 2nd Floor at City Hall.

4.  Irrigation Meter Applications: Irrigation meters are available to City water and sewer rate payers for the purpose of segregating non-sewer related water consumption from sewer charges.  This secondary meter allows the water used for irrigation purposes to be deducted from the domestic water consumption and lowers the amount paid for sewer.  Please see the following link to the Application and Policy and Procedures:  

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects:

The Engineering Department provides administration of the City’s CIP projects.  Currently, the Engineering Department oversees approximately 180 active CIP projects, which are funded through various funding sources (e.g., local funds and state or federal grants).  

Please see the following link to the CIP Page for more information about the City’s projects currently in the design or construction phase:  CIP Project Page

All new CIP Projects are adopted by the Placerville City Council and incorporated into each fiscal year budget.  A list of all adopted CIP Budgets can be found here:  CIP Budget Page

Measure H and Measure L:

In 2016, Placerville voters approved Measure H and Measure L to fund City infrastructure improvement and maintenance projects.

2017, the City Council established a five-member committee to review the revenue and expenditures of the funds collected from the tax measures.   

Please see the following page to find out more information about this committee:  Measure H-L Page

Traffic Engineering Services:

The Engineering Department provides general traffic engineering and support services.  Please see the traffic page for more information:  Traffic

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance:

The City Engineer provides City oversight of ADA compliance.  Please see the City’s ADA/Accessibility page for more information:  ADA Information

Development Services Department Support:

The Engineering Department provides the following list of support services to the Development Services Department:

  • Commercial and Residential Development Plan Review
  • Review of Water and Sewer Applications
  • Parcel and Subdivision Map Review
  • Grading Permit Plan Review and Inspection Services
  • And other plan review services

A link to the Development Services Department, which contains the most recent development fee schedule, can be found here:  Development Services Department

Other Helpful Links and Information:

California Integrated Water Quality System Project (CIWQS)  

Stormwater Management

Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program

City Engineer and Department Contact Information:

Melissa McConnell, City Engineer 

Engineering Department 

3101 Center Street, 3rd Floor

Placerville, California 95667 

Phone:  (530) 642-5250



Department Hours:

Walk-in Counter Hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 11 am

By Appointment Only:  Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 4 pm.

Please send an email to schedule an appointment.

The Engineering Department is closed to the public on Friday.