Inability To Pay Citation / California Indigent Payment Plans

Before July 1, 2018 anyone with unpaid parking tickets must have paid those tickets before renewing their registration or driver’s license (DL), or pay those tickets in conjunction with their registration or DL fees. However, Assembly Bill  (AB) 503  ,  Parking Violations: Registration or Driver’s License Renewal  , will change some provisions of the CA Vehicle Code (CVC) making it unlawful for agencies to present debts to the DMV without first providing notice of a payment plan for indigent residents (  what are the primary changes?  ).

Indigent residents are those who are eligible for financial assistance. However, there are other considerations listed in the amended version of  CVC Section 40220  .

       City of Placerville Guidelines to Apply for an Indigent Payment Plan             

Effective July 1, 2018, California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 40220 establishes that an issuing agency shall provide a payment plan option for indigent persons. The City will consider individuals who meet one of the eligibility criteria below. If approved and once enrolled in an Indigent Payment Plan for Parking Citations, late fees and penalty assessments will be waived. Individuals will have up to eighteen (18) months to pay off the payment plan balance. Indigent Payment Plans are subject to a five dollar ($5) Administrative Fee. This fee will be added to the total balance of the payment plan. Monthly payments are required; late fees and penalties may be reinstated if the payment plan falls out of compliance, i.e., no monthly payment is received. Requests must be received within sixty (60) calendar days from citation issuance, or within ten (10) calendar days of an Administrative Hearing, whichever is later. A ONE-TIME exception can be made for parking citations appearing on a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Registration Renewal form and will be subject to a five dollar ($5) Late Fee in addition to the five dollar ($5) Administrative Fee. Include a copy of the DMV Renewal Form. Individuals must qualify using ONE of the following two eligibility criteria:

For more information and/or to apply for a California Indigent Payment Plan please download and return the following form:

 AB503_Application_City of Placerville.pdf 

**** If a person has no income or does not receive Public Assistance, a copy of their yearly earnings from the Social Security Department is required for proof.