Environmental Documents

Certain development projects require the preparation of environmental documents prior to the City taking action on them. The documents listed in this section are for current projects submitted to the City. They may be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hangtown Creek Water Reclamation Facility Clean Water State Revolving Loan Photovoltaic Project

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration


Draft Environmental Impact Report:  Clay Street Hangtown Creek Bridge Replacement Project (State Clearing House No. 2014082024)

City of Placerville_Clay Street Hangtown Creek Bridge Replacement Project_DEIR
Clay Street DEIR Appendix A_NOP IS and Comments
Clay Street DEIR Appendix B_Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas
Clay Street DEIR Appendix C_Noise
Clay Street DEIR Appendix D_Traffic
Clay Street DEIR Appendix E_Energ y

Mosquito Road Stabilization Project

Mosquito Road Stabilization_Notice of Exemption_Filed.pdf

Draft Negative Declaration:  Placerville Station Phase II Park-N-Bus Improvement Project (State Clearing House No. 2018082036)

(Placerville Station Phase II) Mitigated Negative Declaration with Inital Study Approved.pdf

(Placerville Station Phase II) Clearinghouse NOC (stamped) (1).pdf

Clay Street Draft EIR Cited References

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02.16.16min.pdf 09.20.16min.pdf
2016 12 13 Agenda (With Staff Reports).pdf
2016 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment.pdf
4x6 Measure L analysis clarification.FINAL Postcard_RM.doc
8.1 MIN 20160308.doc
8.1_MINS 20161122 DRAFT.docx
Agenda item 12.2.pdf
Agreement for Preparation to Administer and Operate District's Tras and Use Tax Ord.pdf ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MEASURE L Final(1).docx
Ballot Argument.pdf
Blue Ribbon Committee etiquette question.pdf Boe 555-LJ.PDF
BRC 10202016min (5).doc
Campaign Sign Placement.pdf
County Courthouse.pdf Courthouse.pdf
Court House.pdf
Courthouse story.pdf
Drop and Run Signs.pdf
Endorsement letter.pdf
Fwd Campaign sign.pdf
Fwd Item 4 ZC 15-16 - Keeping of Hen Chickens.pdf
Fwd Pardi Waterline Project.pdf
Hey ... it passed!.pdf
Johnson control grant funding estimates.pdf
Kirk Smith Campaign Signs.pdf
Letter in opposition to approving extension for Cottonwood 4 & 6.pdf
Measure L (1).pdf
Measure L (2).pdf
Measure L article.pdf
Measure LH Next Steps.pdf
Measure L.pdf
MINS 20161213 DRAFT.docx
Mt. Demo Letter.pdf
Mt. Demo.pdf
Neighborhood Chat BROCHURE.pdf
Official Final Report General Election 11082016.pdf
Ordinance 1685 Measure L Ordinance Add-On SalesTax specific final 05242016.docx
Ordinance Summary No. 1685.doc
Public Comment-Kirk Smith 07-15-16.pdf
Re Preservation of records.pdf
Roads, sewer and water..oh my!.pdf
Short video clip.pdf
Smith PRA. Shinkle and Rivas.pdf

Draft Initial Study with Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration:  Upper Broadway Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Connection Project

Draft Notice of Intent_Upper Broadway Bike Lanes_MND.pdf
Draft Initial Study With Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration_Feb_22_2018.pdf