Zoning Look Up for Street Addresses within the City

This is where zoning designations for parcels within the City can be obtained for locations with addresses assigned by the City.

Procedure For Using the Address / Zoning Look Up

Step 1 : Find and select the street name from the list below.

Step 2 : For more information regarding the zone classifications, you may access the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

*Please note that the addresses, parcel numbers, and zoning information herein are meant to be used as a reference only. Information provided on this site is subject to change without notice from the City as a result of updates and corrections; further, updates and corrections may not be reflected in documents and materials contained on the site. If you have any questions, or believe any information on the site to be in error, please contact the Development Services Department at (530) 642-5252.

The following zoning classifications are used within the territory of the City:

City Code Section No. Zone Abbreviation Zone Classification
10-5-3 OS Open Space Zone
10-5-4 RE Estate Residential Zone
10-5-5 R-1A Single-Family Acre Res. Zone
10-5-6 R-1, 20,000 Single-Family Residential Zone
10-5-7 R-1, 10,000 Single-Family Residential Zone
10-5-8 R-1, 6,000 Single-Family Residential Zone
10-5-9 R-2 Low-Density/Multi-Family Residential Zone
10-5-10 R-3 Medium-Density/ Multi-Family Residential Zone
10-5-11 R-4 High-Density/Multi-Family Residential Zone
10-5-12 R-5 Very High-Density/Multi-Family Residential Zone
10-5-13 BP Business-Professional Zone
10-5-14 CBD Central Business District Zone
10-5-15 C Commercial Zone
10-5-16 CC Convenience Commercial Zone
10-5-17 HWC Highway Commercial Zone
10-5-18 HC Heavy Commercial Zone
10-5-19 I Industrial Zone
10-5-20 PF Public Facilities Zone
10-5-21 PD Planned Development Overlay
10-5-22 PDI Planned Development Industrial
10-5-23 AO Airport Overlay Zone
10-5-24 HO Housing Opportunity Overlay Zone
10-5-25 CBO Cannabis Business Overlay Zone

Note: There are many vacant un-improved parcels within Placerville that may not have an assigned address. For parcels such as these and for other questions regarding zoning, you may call the 24-Hour Zoning Request Message Line at (530) 642-5595 . Please leave your contact information, as well as the identifying Assessor Parcel Number or numbers for staff to research prior to returning your call.

An alternative to using the City’s procedure above is to use the County’s GOTNET parcel inquiry web-based service. The City recently collaborated with the El Dorado County to provide the City’s zoning, land use and topological information on this County service. Other information available through GOTNET is flood zone information, aerial photos, etc.
Link to GOTNET 


Acacia Way

Academy Drive

Adams Way

Aggregate Court

Aggregate Way

Airport Court

Airport Road *

Alexander Court *

Alexander Lane *

Allen Court

Anderson Court

Anderson Way

Andler Road

Andrea Lane

Arizona Way

Armory Drive

Avalon Drive

Azalea Lane


Baco Drive

Baker Road *

Barnett Lane

Barrett Drive

Bartlett Avenue

Bear Rock Road

Bedford Avenue *

Bedford Court

Bee Street

Benham Court

Benham Street

Bennett Drive

Bennett Valley Road

Benson Court

Benson Street

Big Canyon Creek Road

Big Cut Road *

Bing Court

Blairs Lane

Bliss Court

Bluebell Court


Bond Court

Brendan Court

Brendan Way

Briw Road *

Briw Ridge Court *

Broadway *

Broadway Court

Bronzecrest Street

Bud Lane

Bush Court (formerly Lawson Lane)


Canal Court

Canal Street

Candelero Court

Cardinal Drive

Carla Drive

Carson Road *

Cary Alley

Cebu Lane *

Cedar Ravine Street *

Ceinwen Court

Cemetery Road

Centennial Lane

Center Street

Chamberlain Street

Chapel Street

Chi Chi Lane*

Chili Alley

Chrisman Avenue

Cindy Court

Clark Court

Clark Street *

Clay Street

Cold Springs Road *

Colin Road

Coleman Street

Coloma Court (formerly East Moulton)

Coloma Street *

Combellack Road

Conrad Court

Conrad Street

Cool Water Creek Road *

Coon Hollow Road *

Corina Street

Corker Street

Cottage Court

Cottage Street

Cougar Lane

Country Club Drive

Covey Court

Covey Drive

Crawford Drift Court

Creek View Lane

Crescent Street

Crestview Drive

Cribbs Court

Cribbs Road *

Cypress Lane


Darlington Avenue

David Circle

Davis Court

De Bernardi Court

Debbie Lane *

Debera Court

Deena Court

Degolia Street

Diggins Court

Dimity Lane

Drake Court

Duden Drive


Easy Street *

Edgewood Drive

Edythe Court

Elm Avenue

Elm Court

Elstner Street

Elysian Way

Eskaton Drive

Estey Court

Estey Way


Fair Lane

Fairlane Court

Fairview Drive

Ferndale Court

Ferrari Court

Fiske Street

Forni Road *

Fowler Way

Francis Avenue

Franklin Court


Garden Loop

Garden Street

Gerle Avenue

Gilmore Street

Giovanni Drive

Glenview Drive *

Glenwood Lane

Glory Road

Gold Bug Lane

Gold Nugget Way

Gold Street

Goldcrest Street

Golden Eagle Drive

Goldman Lane

Goldner Court

Goldner Street

Goyan Avenue

Goodview Court*

Grandview Street

Green Street

Green Valley Road *

Green Wing Lane


Harvey Court

Hawks Landing Court

Hazzard Street

Helmrich Lane *

Hickory Lane

Hidden Springs Circle

Hidden Way

High Street

Hillcrest Street

Hillside Court

Hillside Drive

Hilltop Drive

Hocking Street

Holly Court *

Holly Way

Holly Woods Drive


Immigrant Ravine Road

Indian Hill Road

Irina Court


Jacob's Way

James Drive

Jaymar Street

Jeffery Lane

Joshua Hendy Drive


Katie Lane

Kenneth Court

Kereka Court (formerly Luda Court)

Kimi Way


La Vista Drive *

Lacey Alley

Lane Court

Lane Drive

Lane Way

Lantis Lane

Lawson Way

Lee Court

Lemongrass Court

Letitia Avenue

Lewis Street

Liberty Mine Court

Lillian Court

Lincoln Alley

Lincoln Street

Locust Avenue

Lo Hi Way *

Lois Lane

Lucky Street

Lynne Court


Mace Court

Madrone Court

Madrone Lane *

Main Street

Mallard Lane

Manor Drive

Marfield Court

Mariavista Way

Markham Drive

Marshall Way

Martin Lane

Mary Court

Masada Court

Meadow Lane *

Meadow Lane Court

Meridian Court

Middletown Road *

Miles Way

Miller Way

Molly Lane

Mona Drive (county)

Monica Way

Monterey Road

Morey Drive

Morrene Drive

Mosquito Road *

Moulton Drive

Mountain Lane

Murray Street

Myrtle Avenue

Myrtle Court


Naomi Way

Nature’s Way

Nesting Court

Nesting Way

New Jersey Way

Nicks Lane

Norman Street

Northridge Drive

Northview Lane


Oak Crest Circle

Oak Crest Court

Oak Knoll Road *

Oak Terrace Court

Oak Terrace Road

Oak Trail Court

Old Canal Street

Olivene Court

Orchard Lane

Orchard Way

Oriole Way


Pacific Street

Pardi Way

Park Avenue

Parkview Drive

Patti Court

Patton Court

Pay Dirt Court

Pay Dirt Drive

Penny Lane

Pennsylvania Court

Pheasant Run Drive

Phillips Court

Pierroz Road

Pierson Court

Pinecrest Court

Pino Vista Court

Pintail Lane

Placerville Drive

Pleasant Street

Point View Drive

Poverty Hill Drive

Prescott Avenue *

Pythian Court


Quail Drive

Quartz Alley

Quartz Mountain Drive


Range Court

Ray Lawyer Drive

Rector Street

Reservoir Street

Rice Court

Ridge Court

Ridgecrest Court

Rilye Court

Robin Court

Roddan Court

Ronald Loop

Roosevelt Street

Rosier Street

Routson Way *

Rowland Street

Roxie Court

Ruby Court

Ruthaven Road


Sacramento Street

Sandra Circle

Sarden Drive *

Schnell School Road

School Street

Sean Drive

Seven Springs Drive*

Sheridan Street

Sherman Street

Sierra Drive

Silvercrest Street

Simas Way

Simon Drive

Sippy Lane

Skyline Court*

Skyline Drive

Sleepy Hollow Court *

Smith Flat Road *

Smith Flat Cemetery Road*

Southview Court

Spanish Ravine Street

Spear Street

Spring Street

Spring View Lane

Stage Coach Alley

Stone Lane *

Stonecrest Court *

Stonecrest Road *

Stout Court


Texerna Court *

Thompson Way

Traci Court

Tranquil Creek Road

Tree View Lane

Tunnel Street

Turner Court (formerly Pine Alley)

Turner Street


Union Street


Valley Court

Via Montanosa Road

Vicini Drive

Victor Lane

Village Lane

Vivian Court


Warren Lane

Washington Street

Weatherstone Lane

Weaver Way

Wentworth Court

Westwood Drive (Not in City Limits)

Weswin Court

Whisper Ridge*

Wildlife Way

Willow Street

Wiltse Court

Wiltse Road

Windsong Lane

Winesap Circle

Winter Lane *

Womack Way

Wood Street

Woodman Circle

Woodpecker Court

Woodridge Court

Wren Court

*Indicates the street continues outside the City limits.