Historic Survey Inventory

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Shakespeare Club (c.1950's)

During 1984 and 1985 a survey inventory of existing historic resources within the City was prepared under the direction of Laarveld House, a City hired consultant, and community volunteers. This work was funded by a grant administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation of Federal Grant funds under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, along with matching City funding.

A historic survey is a process of systematically identifying, researching, and documenting properties that reflect important themes in the city's growth and development such as architecture, city planning, social history, ethnic heritage, politics, industry, transportation, commerce, entertainment and others. Historic resources include buildings, structures, objects, cultural sites, natural features and groupings of resources or areas known as historic districts. Survey data provides baseline information on potential historic resources to inform planning decisions and support City policy goals.

Uses of survey data include the following:

• General Plan Updates

• Zoning Decisions and Plan Approval

• Cultural Tourism

• Potential Historic Designation

The survey inventory index is organized by street name. Access the index here .