Director of Community Services

On behalf of the  Community Services Department Team, welcome to our webpage. I am proud to lead an organization that is rich in tradition with a reputation for providing high quality services and programs to our community in ways that are responsive, helpful and caring.

Message from Terry Zeller, Director of Community Services:

The  Community Services Department offers Placerville residents the unique opportunity to help achieve a sense of purpose, identity, self-worth and improved self-esteem within the specialized areas of Recreation and Parks. To see a sample of what the Recreation and Parks Division has to offer, click here to view our latest Activity Guide.

As a professional organization, each of our dedicated team members strive daily to deliver services to our community with integrity, honesty, and respect for all users.   I hope the information included throughout this website helps you understand the overall function and purpose of the Community Services Department and our commitment to serving our community.  Please feel free to contact me with your comments or questions, as I welcome and encourage your civic participation and contribution to our community.

Terry Zeller’s Bio:

Terry has worked for and headed Parks Departments and Districts for over 22 years in Indiana, Illinois, Nevada and California.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus on public design from Ball State University in Indiana.  He has also led teams in Landscape Contracting prior to his governmental career, and considers working in service to communities a high calling and the perfect way to apply his energy, skills and interest.

Terry Zeller
Director of Community Services
Community Services Department