Solid Waste and Recycling Guidelines

Solid Waste and Recycling

The City of Placerville’s recycling programs are designed to meet state recycling laws and requirements.  

   “Do your part. Recycle smart.”

Tools-for-schools (CalRecycle)
Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act (SB54)
   Overview Fact Sheet
   CalRecycle Activities Timeline
   Accurate Recycling Labels (SB343)



Below, you will find an overview of each law and the actions our city is taking to meet the requirements.

SB 1383 Summary Check List
Benefits of Composting

Municipal Composting
Backyard Composting
Composting at Home (U.S. EPA)

Composting is Good for Your Garden and the Environment – UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


  • California’s Business and Multi-Family Organic Waste Recycling Law (AB1826)
    • California's Business and Multifamily Organic Recycling Law was adopted to reduce the amount of organic waste that enters our landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help meet the statewide goal of 75% landfill diversion. The law requires certain businesses, government agencies, and multifamily communities to divert organic waste from landfills through a specific program or service. Organic waste includes food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, non-hazardous wood waste, and food-soiled paper waste mixed in with food waste. AB 1826 was phased in over the past few years based on the amount of waste produced from each location. 

For more information:

City of Placerville, Development Services Director
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Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s)
Waste Connections – El Dorado Disposal Service
4100 Throwita Way, Diamond Springs, CA 

(530) 626-4141

  • Transfer Station Hours & Gate Fees – Mon-Sun 8:30am-4:00 pm
  • Recycling Hours – Tue-Sat 8:30am – 4:00pm (close noon to 12:30pm)
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) – Fri-Sun 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Electronic Waste – Mon-Sun 8:00am-5:00 pm


City of Placerville
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Updated: February 14, 2023