The records unit of the Placerville Police Department is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.  The records unit is responsible for processing all reports and disseminating them to various departments.  All Public Records Request will be responded to within 10 days. There is no fee for reports under 10 pages, 10 + pages $.10 per page.

City of Placerville Police Department Master Fee Schedule

Crime Reports:

A police report may be obtained through the Records Unit.  Complete the “ Public Records Request ” form and bring it to the police department with photo identification. Call the records unit prior to going to the Police Department to determine if the report can be released.  Not all reports can be released.  Victims and victim representatives, or as listed in the Government Code Section 6254 may have records.  No all reports are public records, such as Child Abuse reports, Medical/Mental Illness reports, Arrest reports not adjudicated, and reports that are still being investigated.  All identifying information, statements of involved parties, identity of suspects who have not yet been arrested, and the analysis and conclusions of investigations are exempt from public disclosure and will be redacted from reports.

Defendant’s requesting a report will be given a report through their attorney.

Traffic Collision Reports:

To obtain a copy of a traffic collision report, you must be listed as a driver, passenger, registered owner, property owner or an authorized representative of those listed in the report.  Complete a “ Public Records Request ” form and bring to the police department with photo identification.  Collision reports may take up to 10 days from the day of the accident to be ready to be released.

Vehicle Releases:

Vehicles that have been stored by the Placerville Police Department will be released to the registered owner or legal owner with a copy of the current registration, insurance and valid driver’s license. The vehicle release fee is $150.

Vehicles impounded for 30 days will not be available for release until 30 days after the date of impound.  After 30 days the vehicle may be released to the registered owner or legal owner with current registration, insurance and a valid driver’s license.  There is a $200 fee for a 30 day hold release.

Repossessed vehicles will be released to the registered or legal owner with current registration and insurance and a valid driver’s license.  The release fee is $15.

Clearance Letters/Visa Letters/ Criminal History Request:

The Placerville Police Department can check criminal history for incidents that may have occurred within the City of Placerville jurisdiction.  Clearance letters are provided for City of Placerville residents.  To receive a local clearance letter, complete the “ Request for Local Criminal History Check ” form and come to the police department with valid photo identification.  There is a $50 fee.

Statewide criminal history checks must be done by fingerprinting through the California Department of Justice.