Placerville Economic Advisory Committee (PEAC)

The City of Placerville is currently accepting applications for one (1) Placerville Drive Business Area Representative with term expiring March 1, 2023.  Applications are required and available HERE.  This recruitment will remain open until filled. 

PEAC Placerville Economic Development Strategy

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Current Committee Members

David Thomas - Broadway Business Area Representative - 3/01/2025 term expiration

Adam Anderson - Chamber of Commerce Representative - 3/01/2025 term expiration

VACANT - Placerville Drive Business Area Representative - 3/01/2023 term expiration

Tony Windle - Downtown Business Rep. - 3/01/2025 term expiration

Debbie Miller - Member At Large - 3/01/2023 term expiration

Mickey Kaiserman - Member At Large - 3/01/2023 term expiration

John Clerici - Member At Large - 3/01/2025 term expiration

City Staff Liaisons

Director of Development Services; City Manager

The Placerville Economic Advisory Committee (formerly the Economic Development Advisory Committee) meets on the second Friday of every month at 12:00 pm. PEAC meetings are open to the public. Please check our online calendar for changes in the meeting schedule.