Placerville Economic Advisory Committee (PEAC)

PEAC Placerville Economic Development Strategy

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Current Committee Members

Adam Anderson - Business Representative - 3/01/2021 term expiration

Kevin Brown, Chair - Business Representative, Placerville Drive - 3/01/2023 term expiration

David Thomas - Business Owner & Resident - 3/01/2023 term expiration

Andrew Vonderschmitt - Resident & Homeowner - 3/01/2023 term expiration

Debbie Miller - Business Representative, Broadway Village - 3/01/2021 term expiration

Mickey Kaiserman - Business Representative - 3/01/2023 term expiration

Dolly Wager - Resident & Homeowner - 3/01/2021 term expiration

City Staff Liaisons

Director of Development Services; City Manager

The Placerville Economic Advisory Committee (formerly the Economic Development Advisory Committee) meets on the second Friday of every month at 12:00 pm. PEAC meetings are open to the public. Please check our online calendar for changes in the meeting schedule.