Historical Advisory Committee

On March 10, 2015, the City Council suspended the Historical Advisory Committee indefinitely and the Planning Commission is tasked with assuming their duties.  The information below provides the history of the Historical Advisory Committee, and their job within the City of Placerville and the State of California.

Attached is the Resolution suspending the Historical Advisory Committee Resolution 8285

On May 10, 2011, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 7896 which established the Historical Advisory Committee. The Committee consists of five members who are appointed by the Placerville City Council.


The Committee, working with the City Planner, Staff and other City government officials, shall advise or consult with the City Council, Planning Commission or City Staff with respect to identification, development and preservation of the historic resources (e.g., structures, sites or objects) of the community in accordance with the Secretary of Rehabilitation & Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings and other recognized state and federal preservation programs.

The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Placerville Planning Commission, City Council and the Director of Development Services on matters requiring discretionary approval.  In addition, the Committee is charged to work in a cooperative effort with other governmental agencies and civic groups (e.g., the Heritage Association of El Dorado County) for the advancement of historical preservation.


As specified per City Council Resolution No. 7896 , the duties of the Historical Advisory Committee are:

  • The preservation of historic resources, including buildings, structures, objects, monuments and markers as our legacy to the future generations.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Planning Commission and City Council in all matters pertaining to historical resources/districts.
  • Review applications to alter facades visible from a public right of way or to demolish all or part of any structure which is listed on an inventory of historic buildings, structures, site or resource.
  • The Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Planning Commission with respect to discretionary permit requests within 300’ (three hundred feet) of historic resources, and shall advise the Commission on appropriate means to maintain the integrity of the historic resource(s).  The Committee shall make recommendations to the Planning Commission with respect to such applications within ten days of the Committee meeting scheduled to hear such requests. In the event that the Committee fails to assemble a quorum or make a recommendation to the Planning Commission within ten (10) calendar days of receipt or consideration on the resources, then the matter shall be forwarded to the Planning Commission without a recommendation from the Committee.
  • Maintain a local inventory of historic resources within the City, as established by the City Council.  Make recommendations to the City Council to update the inventory.
  • Investigate and report to the City Council on the use of various federal, state, local, or private funding sources and mechanisms available to promote historical preservation in the City.
  • Make recommendations to the Planning Commission and the City Council on amendments to the Natural, Cultural, and Scenic Resources Element of the City’s General Plan.
  • Advise City Council and City boards and commissions as necessary on historic preservation issues.
  • Provide advice and guidance upon the request of the property owner or occupant, on the restoration, alteration, decoration, landscaping, or maintenance of any historical resource, or property within historic district.
  • To perform any other functions that may be designated by resolution or motion of the City Council.