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The Commuinty Pride Committee was established in 1990 by the City of Placerville, Resolution #5139.  The Committee is staffed by volunteers.  Since its inception, this group of dedicated volunteers has planted and maintained 20 public gardens throughout the City.

The function of the Committee is to promote community involvement in gardening, landscaping/public art projects, and other beautification projects through volunteer membership and participation of individuals and community service organizations in the following manner:

Community Pride Committe

Current Committee Members

Tim Daviess - 3/01/2019 term expiration

Debra Powers - 3/01/2019 term expiration

Craig Zangari - 3/01/2019 term expiration

Kathi Lishman - 3/01/2021 term expiration

Christine Thiel - 3/01/2021 term expiration

Josette Johnson - Alternative - 3/01/2021 term expiration

City Staff Liaisons

Director of Finance

Community Pride Committee meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 5:00pm at Town Hall.

Click here for Community Pride Committee Meeting Agendas.

Click here for Community Pride Committee Meeting Minutes.