Western Placerville Interchanges Phase 2 (CIP 41828)

Weekly Construction Updates (Most Recent Listed First)

19.1012_RLD Fair Lane Paving.pdf

19.0628_WPI Ph2 - Update 23.pdf

19.0509_WPI Ph2 - Public Safety Announcement 2.pdf

19.0424_WPI Ph2 - Update 22.pdf

19.0212_WPI Ph2 - Update 21.pdf

19.0107_WPI Ph2 - Update 20.pdf

18.1115_WPI Ph2 - Update 19.pdf

18.1023_WPI Ph2 - Update 18.pdf

18.1009_WPI Ph2 - Update 17.pdf

18.0925_WPI Ph2 - Update 16.pdf

18.0910_WPI Ph2 - Update 15.pdf

18.0828_WPI Ph2 - Update 14.pdf

18.0814_WPI Ph2 - Update 13.pdf

18.0725_WPI Ph2 - Update 12.pdf

18.0710_WPI Ph2 - Update 11.pdf

18.0626_WPI Ph2 - Update 10.pdf

18.0612_WPI Ph2 - Update 9.pdf

18.0604_WPI Ph2 - Update 8.pdf

18.0522_WPI Ph2 - Update 7.pdf

18.0508_WPI Ph2 - Update 6.pdf

18.0424_WPI Ph2 - Update 5.pdf

18.0409_WPI PH 2 - Update 4.pdf

18.0323_WPI PH 2 - Update 3.pdf

18.0319_WPI Ph2 - Public Safety Announcement 1.pdf

18.0312_Weekly Construction Update #2.pdf

18.0227_WPI Ph2 - Update 1 Exhibits.pdf

18.0227_Weekly Construction Update #1.pdf

Project Exhibits

Western Placerville Interchanges Phasing Exhibit

WPI_Pedestrian and Bicycle Project Overview Exhibit

Final EIR/EA (Combined CEQA/NEPA) Document for the Western Placerville Interchanges Project

WPI FEIR (11-10-05).pdf

Reso 7343 WPI EIR.pdf

Final Supplemental EIR

WPI Final SEIR (6-16-14).pdf

Reso 8221 approving SEIR.pdf

Contract Documents

WPI Ph2 Bid Docs.pdf

WPI Ph2 Final Specs.pdf

WPI Ph2 Final Contract Plans.pdf

18.0125_Preconstruction Notification Letter

18.0201_Preconstruction Public Outreach Meeting Attendees