Western Placerville Interchanges Phase 2 (CIP 41828)

Did you know . . . This project was partially funded by a grant from CalRecycle, which means approximately 1,330 California waste tires were diverted from landfills and used to make rubberized asphalt concrete?  The rubberized asphalt concrete was used on the new pavement for the eastbound Highway 50 off-ramp.

Weekly Construction Updates (Most Recent Listed First)

19.1012_RLD Fair Lane Paving.pdf

19.0628_WPI Ph2 - Update 23.pdf

19.0509_WPI Ph2 - Public Safety Announcement 2.pdf

19.0424_WPI Ph2 - Update 22.pdf

19.0212_WPI Ph2 - Update 21.pdf

19.0107_WPI Ph2 - Update 20.pdf

18.1115_WPI Ph2 - Update 19.pdf

18.1023_WPI Ph2 - Update 18.pdf

18.1009_WPI Ph2 - Update 17.pdf

18.0925_WPI Ph2 - Update 16.pdf

18.0910_WPI Ph2 - Update 15.pdf

18.0828_WPI Ph2 - Update 14.pdf

18.0814_WPI Ph2 - Update 13.pdf

18.0725_WPI Ph2 - Update 12.pdf

18.0710_WPI Ph2 - Update 11.pdf

18.0626_WPI Ph2 - Update 10.pdf

18.0612_WPI Ph2 - Update 9.pdf

18.0604_WPI Ph2 - Update 8.pdf

18.0522_WPI Ph2 - Update 7.pdf

18.0508_WPI Ph2 - Update 6.pdf

18.0424_WPI Ph2 - Update 5.pdf

18.0409_WPI PH 2 - Update 4.pdf

18.0323_WPI PH 2 - Update 3.pdf

18.0319_WPI Ph2 - Public Safety Announcement 1.pdf

18.0312_Weekly Construction Update #2.pdf

18.0227_WPI Ph2 - Update 1 Exhibits.pdf

18.0227_Weekly Construction Update #1.pdf

Project Exhibits

Western Placerville Interchanges Phasing Exhibit

WPI_Pedestrian and Bicycle Project Overview Exhibit

Final EIR/EA (Combined CEQA/NEPA) Document for the Western Placerville Interchanges Project

WPI FEIR (11-10-05).pdf

Reso 7343 WPI EIR.pdf

Final Supplemental EIR

WPI Final SEIR (6-16-14).pdf

Reso 8221 approving SEIR.pdf

Contract Documents

WPI Ph2 Bid Docs.pdf

WPI Ph2 Final Specs.pdf

WPI Ph2 Final Contract Plans.pdf

18.0125_Preconstruction Notification Letter

18.0201_Preconstruction Public Outreach Meeting Attendees