Housing Resources - Density Bonus Program

Residential Density Bonus Program

The City’s Residential Density Bonus Program comprises Section 10-12-01 to 10-12-14 of City Code (Affordable Housing Density Bonus). The Program is intended as a tool to assist in the development of affordable housing for lower, low and moderate income level households, and for senior citizen housing. Consistent with State law, the program provides incentives and concessions to a developer who requests a density bonus that may be allowed to increase the total number of units that can be constructed in a new project over that otherwise allowed, provided that a certain percentage of the units within the overall development are reserved for a lower, low or moderate income household category, or for a senior citizen housing development. The required number of affordable units varies according to the income level category (lower, low, moderate, senior citizen). The bonus units are not required to be affordable and could be market rate.

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