Broadway Sidewalks and Broadway Maintenance Projects (CIP 41606 & 42003)

Welcome to the Broadway Sidewalks and Broadway Maintenance Project Page!

  • The Broadway Sidewalks project is a pedestrian safety sidewalk gap closure project that includes improvements to existing surface (road paving and sidewalks) and underground utilities (water and storm drain.  This project is primarily funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP, federal funds) as well as the Urban State Transportation Block Grant Program.  
  • The Broadway Maintenance project will address underground drainage, water distribution, and sewer collection facilities within the Broadway corridor from the intersection of Main Street/Mosquito to Schnell School Road.  This project will also address the final lift of paving within that corridor.  

Below is a tentative schedule for delivery of both projects:

  • Bidding: April 2023
  • Start Construction: Summer 2023
  • End Construction:  Fall 2023 

First Public Meeting was held on October 20, 2018:

October 30, 2018 Public Meeting Notice

Public Meeting Flyer

Broadway Sidewalks Exhibit