Planning Division - Application Processes

The information provided on this page is to assist in conveying how the process works for each type of application. For more information you may refer to the Development Guide , which is a useful resource that provides a clear guideline for planning and design of projects that meet the City of Placerville's General Plan goals and zoning code requirements.

The application forms may be obtained by visiting the Planning Divisions - Application Forms page.

Conditional Use Permit

( objective, purpose and application procedure )
Hardship Mobilehome Process
Site Plan Review Process
( objective, purpose and application procedure )

Master Sign Plan

Supplemental \ Wireless Facilities for CUP and SPR

Minor Deviation

Enviromental Assessment Evaluation Process
Secondary Dwelling Unit
General Plan Land Use Amendment
( objective and application procedures )
Special Temporary Use Permit
Temporary Mobile Homes or Commercial Coaches

Tentative Parcel Map (see Check List )

Tentative Subdivison Map
(see Check List )


Zoning Amendment

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