Possible Storm Relief For Business Owners

Published on Feb 16, 2017 at 08:50a.m.

Dear Business and Building Owners,

The Chamber is aware that many businesses have suffered minor to severe damage. We are working to gather as many resources has we can find to assist you in your recovery. To date please refer to the information included in this email.

  1. If you need free professional business counseling, i.e. SBA loans, we can provide it for you. Please contact us directly at 530 621 5885.

  1. The first line of funding under the Governor's State of Emergency are FEMA, SBA and CalEMA. 

  1. USDA Invites Applications for Rural Business Development Grants

  1. Property damaged in 2017 Winter Storms eligible for property tax Relief

Property damaged in the recent winter storms are eligible for immediate property tax relief according to El Dorado County Assessor Karl Weiland. Weiland explained that there are provisions of the Revenue & Taxation code that immediately reduce the assessed value in recognition of loss caused by storm damage.

In order to qualify for relief, the loss in value must exceed $10,000 and a claim filed within 12 months of the damage. The Assessor’s Office will be reviewing damage assessments from Building Services department and other local agencies in order to speed up the process and correct the 2016/2017 tax bills so that property owners are paying property taxes based on the damaged condition of the property. The office will also be contacting property owners in an effort to insure all damaged property is reviewed.

Weiland also emphasized the importance of providing the post office with updated mailing addresses in cases where the address changes due to relocation.   

Property owners who have questions or need assistance are encouraged to call the Assessor’s Office. The main office is located at 360 Fair Lane in Placerville, CA. Office hours are 7-5:30 and the phone number is 530.621.5719. The Assessor’s website, www.edcgov.us/assessor has online property information, additional information on a variety of property tax issues as well as an online application for calamity damage relief.

For follow-up contact:

Karl Weiland, El Dorado County Assessor


360 Fair Lane


Phone 530.621.5757

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