Cannabis Business Regulations In Placerville - Application Information

Application Submittals for Commercial Cannabis Businesses Closed on April 29, 2019 


The City has now obtained the needed authorization in order to move forward with the fingerprinting required for the Cannabis applications.  Please follow the steps below to complete the fingerprinting.
1.  Call to make an appointment for fingerprinting at the Placerville Police Department.  You may call  530-642-5210  to make the appointment.  Walk ins will not be accepted and each individual will need their own appointment time.  Each individual applying to be an Owner/Operator must undergo a Live Scan.
2.  At your appointment time go to the City of Placerville Police Department at 730 Main Street, Placerville.  The police department will provide you with the necessary form for fingerprinting.  Also, at this time you will need to pay the $176.55 fee.  This fee is per person.  Fingerprinting will not be done without the fee.
3.  Please make sure you bring an appropriate ID to your fingerprinting appointment.  This would include one of the following: a state issued Driver's License or ID card, U.S. Passport, Military ID, Work Visa with photo, DOD Common Access Card or Foreign Driver's License.


Application Q & A

Enhanced Product Safety

We are eliminating Enhanced Product Safety information from the application, so that component can be disregarded.

Security Plan

The Appendix in the Application Procedure Guidelines lays out in detail what is required for the Security Plan.  The applicant should have a copy of that document, but I have copied the relevant part of it at the bottom of this email.  The term “delivery security” refers to security procedures for receipt of deliveries at the business, and also procedures for delivery drivers, if it is a retail business planning to make deliveries.

Air Quality Plan

At a minimum, the Applicant should discuss the details of the HVAC system and what technology/devices it has that will be used to control odor and prevent it from escaping to the exterior of the building, and what steps will be taken to maintain good air quality inside the cannabis facility.

Site Plan

Ideally formal building plans will be provided.  But at a minimum a clear, neat, easily understood scale drawing should be provided that clearly shows accurate dimensions of the parcel on which the business is situated, and accurate current and proposed dimensions of the business if modifications are contemplated.  All entrances and exits, roll-up delivery doors, and windows should be clearly marked.

Intelifi Background Check Disclosure & Authorization Form

This form is no longer needed.

Security Plan: The application should include the following for each proposed location:

  • A detailed security plan. This plan should include a description and detailed schematic of the overall facility security. It should have details on operational security, including but not limited to general security policies for the facility, employee specific policies, training, sample written policies, transactional security, visitor security, 3rd party contractor security, and delivery security. In particular, applications should address ingress and egress access, perimeter security, product security (at all hours), internal security measures for access (area specific), types of security systems (alarms and cameras), and security personnel to be employed. The security plan shall also include an assessment of site security by a qualified security consultant. Security plans will not be made public.
  • A floor plan showing existing building conditions. If changes are proposed as part of the project, then a proposed floor plan should also be submitted. The floor plan(s) should be accurate, dimensioned and to-scale (minimum scale of 1/4”).