Building Division - Locating properties within the City

Please note that the majority of properties within the 95667 ZIP code, including many with "Placerville" addresses, are not within the incorporated City limits of Placerville.  A quick way to know if the property you are interested in is within El Dorado County or Placerville's jurisdiction is to go to: and type in the Parcel number or you can download our City of Placerville Streets & Address Ranges List . If you are looking for the zoning of a property within the City of Placerville you can go to "Zoning Look Up for Streets within the City." When in doubt, please contact us to verify which agency has jurisdiction over the property before you complete permit paperwork.

In addition to using the above download, you can also use the County’s GOTNET parcel inquiry web-based service. The City recently collaborated with the El Dorado County to provide the City’s zoning, land use and topological information on this County service. Other information available through GOTNET is flood zone information, aerial photos, etc.

Link to GOTNET:
(updated 10/25/17)

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