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Building Permits

Applications, Fees, and Handouts

Development Services Department (Building Division: City Hall, Second Floor)
3101 Center St, Placerville, CA 95667

Building Phone: 530-642-5240

Permit Process: 

1. Verify that the job location is within the city limits: Address Look-Up 
2. Confirm that a building permit is required: Projects that Require a Permit

3. Complete the appropriate application form(s) and email them to:  

4. Make sure to include the valuation of the project and provide your City Business license number.  If you need a Business License, please complete the form located here: Business License
5. Upon receipt of the application, fees will be calculated and the application will be reviewed.  Please allow us up to
 24-hours to respond. Here is our current Fee Schedule: Fee Schedule
5. Payments can be made in-person or by phone (530) 642-5240, using a credit or debit card. 

6. Once the permit is issued, the Permit Card, Receipt and Approved Plans (if any) will be sent to you.  


Permit Applications: 
Permit Application - Contractor 

Permit Application - Owner Builder 

Authorized Agent

Supplemental Permit Forms: 

Accessibility Upgrade

Address Assignment Application: please complete when requesting a new or change of address

Alternate Materials, Design or Methods

Appeal Request

Application Extension Request

Asbestos Notification at Demolition

Carbon Monoxide Affidavit

Construction Waste Management Plan: required at time of application / issuance

Cool Roof Form: Residential only, Commercial must have CA State form 

Permit Cancellation Request

Permit Extension Request

Refund Request

Sewer and Water

Special Inspection Agreement


Construction Handouts:

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

As-Built Requirements; Structures Built Prior to Permitting

Connecting to the City Water System

Connecting to the City Sewer

Construction without a permit - As-built booklet

Deck replacement new construction and Why Decks Fail.

Inspection Instructions

Plan Check Submittal List

Sign Permit Requirements

Site Plan Requirements

Updated: 1/5/2023