Building Construction Permit - Electronic Submittal


Before filling out our application form(s), please verify that the job location is within the city limits by go to and that the structure is not a manufacture dwelling unit (all permits related to work being performed on a manufactured dwelling must be permitted through the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)).  For Zoning Ordinance information you can go to: Chapter 5 Zone Regulations.

Step 1: Prepare and Submit Permit Application to City

A fillable permit application and additional forms can be found onlinePlease complete the form(s), print and sign in the appropriate locations, include the valuation of the project on the application, provide the owner signed Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm Declaration form (residential only), scan the form(s) and email them with all supporting documents to:  At this time, our preferred communication method for most items is via email.  Plans and correspondence can be shipped to our offices via mail or courier.

Make sure you have a City Business License number (contact the City's Finance Department at: (530) 642-5223).  If you do not have a City Business License then you will need to fill out the license form and submit the license application to the Finance Department, 3101 Center Street, Placerville, CA 95667 (530) 642-5223.

Upon receiving the emailed application and documents, city staff will review the application and determine the appropriate fees.  Payments can be made by phone (530) 642-5240 using a credit or debit card and a copy of the receipt will be scanned and emailed back to you.  Payments made by check will be sequestered for a 48 hour period.  Check can be mailed to our office or dropped off in the City's payment dropbox that can be found on the outside of the building facing Stage Coach Alley. 

Once the fees have been determined, staff will assign a Permit Application Number to the project.  Plan checking will not be performed and permits will not be issued until all payments are made to the City of Placerville.  Once a payment is made, the receipt for the payment will be sent to you via email.  Please allow us up to 24 hours to review your application and determine permit issuance.

At issuance of the permit, the permit, receipt, and approved plans or documents (if any) will be scanned and sent to you. The original job copy of permits, documents and/or plans will be taken to the job location during the first inspection.

Extremely important:  Permit Application Numbers must be used in all correspondence -including email subject lines- to ensure a project is properly tracked.

Although our preferred method of plan submittal is through electronic submittal, we will be accepting hard copies of plans or a jump drive that are shipped through the mail or a courier.  Please note that anything sent through either one of these methods will be required to remain untouched for 24 hours to 3 days depending on the type of shipping container used.  If you wish the approved hard copy of the plans and permit sent to you through the mail or courier, you will need to provide us with a pre-approved shipping label or an account number for the shipping company you wish us to use.  

If you plan to submit plans electronically you will need to follow the instructions from Step 2 and 3.

Step 2: Prepare Electronic Permit Submittal Documents

PDF FILES Required: Permit submittal documents must be in PDF format.

  • All layers should be flattened and made into a single image to reduce file size.
  • Specifications, renderings, photos, presentations, and other supplemental information must be submitted in PDF format
  • Please bookmark files where possible.

WHEN SCANNING PAPER DOCUMENTS: It is recommended that plans/documents be converted into PDF format directly from the application from which they were created.

However, when scanning hard copies of permit submittal documents is necessary, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Drawings should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi
  • Supplemental materials may be scanned at lower resolutions, provided that the content remains legible

FILE NAMING REQUIREMENTS: (30 CHARACTER MAXIMUM) Plans and documents must be named as follows:

Document Type–File Version–Project Name


  • PermitApp-v01-BeaumontPlaza (a copy of the permit application)
  • Dwgs-v01-BeaumontPlaza
  • StructCalcs-V01-BeaumontPlaza
  • Geotech-v01-BeaumontPlaza


Large drawing files exceeding 120 MB may be broken into disciplines as follows to reduce file size:

  • ArchDwgs-v01-BeaumontPlaza
  • GeneralDwgs-v01-BeaumontPlaza
  • StructDwgs-v01-BeaumontPlaza
  • Etc.

Step 3: Plan Review

Plan review will be completed and comments -if any- will be listed in a Word document and sent  via email. Any redlines made on the electronic permit submittal documents will be provided.

Once all plan check comments are resolved, Interwest will apply digital “Reviewed for Code Compliance” stamps to the appropriate sheets in the electronic permit submittal documents, flatten the files and transmit all permit submittal documents to the City. A final letter recommending approval of the permit application will also be prepared and transmitted to the City and to the Applicant.

The Applicant will be required to print two (2) complete sets of the permit submittal documents and plans bearing Interwest review stamps for delivery to the City for permit issuance.  

updated 3/20/2020