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Downtown Parking Regulations

City of Placerville

Please click here for the New Parking Regulation FAQ's (PDF)

Please click here for a City of Placerville Downtown Parking Map (PDF)

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Background on Downtown Parking Regulations

Discussions regarding parking have been ongoing since Main Street was established as a commercial district. The recently adopted regulations are in response to the Highway 50 Project, as well as the lack of premium spaces for customers. The following bulleted points were issues considered by the Parking Committee at numerous meetings, which were attended by representatives of the PDA, El Dorado Transit, Transportation Commission, Court Executive Officer and City staff.

  • Not enough existing parking to accommodate customers, merchants and employees.
  • Loss of railroad right-of-way equates to a loss of 50 to 70 parking spaces.
  • Impact of jurors parking downtown can take upwards of 100 parking spaces on a given day.
  • Recognizing this shortage, City employees are parking at St. Patrick's Church and walking several blocks to work.
  • Murray and Downs will not be able to provide alternate parking for its employees for at least two years.
  • Today we have in excess of $150,000 in deferred maintenance for the City's parking facilities.
  • Permit parking and daily rates should generate in excess of $12,000 to $15,000 per month, which will be dedicated for maintenance, repairs and development of alternative parking solutions.
  • Maintain 2 hours free customer parking throughout the district with extended hours offered through the pay box system at the parking lots and in the parking garage.
  • Provide free parking with free shuttle service from 7:00AM to 6:30PM for jurors and others at Placerville Station II on Mosquito Rd.
  • City currently has permit parking, but rates have not been raised since prior to 1983.

New Downtown Parking Regulations

On-Street Parking: On-street parking will remain two-hour free parking.

Town Hall Parking Lot: Town Hall parking lot will remain two-hour free parking.

Center Street Parking Lot: The small parking lot located on Center Street across from City Hall will be a combination of permit parking and two-hour free parking.

All Other Parking Facilities: All other parking facilities, including the Center Street parking structure, will remain two-hour free parking, with parking in excess of two hours to be paid for at the rate of $1.00 per hour, with a maximum cost of $6.00 per day.

Pay Stations: Pay stations will be installed on each end of the first and second floors of the parking structure and in each of the parking lots, with the exception of the Town Hall and small Center Street lots, which will remain two-hour only free parking. Pay stations will accept both cash and credit cards, and purchaser simply enters their space number without having to return to vehicle. Purchasers will be able to add additional time by using any pay station in any City lot or by calling an 800 number. If requested by purchaser, pay station will alert purchaser prior to time expiring by cell phone or pager.

Permit-Leased Parking: Parking permits cost $40.00 per month for the first 5 spaces. Additional permits will be at the rate of $30.00 per month. Permit holders for the Mooney and Ivy House lots may park in any available space within their designated lots. Permit holders for other lots are assigned to a particular space in their respective parking lot. In the Center Street parking structure, the 3rd floor will be designated permit parking only. There will be no permit parking in the Town Hall parking lot. Permit spaces may be shared by individuals utilizing that space at different times. In that instance, additional parking tags will be provided.

Also, a limited number of premium permit spaces are now available on the 2nd floor of the Center Street Parking structure. The rate for these spaces is $60.00 per month. While the original number of permits have been reserved as of this time, permits for the 2nd floor of the parking structure are available. These spaces will be assigned on a first-come first serve basis. For inquiries regarding permit parking, call (530) 642-5200.

Permit-Leased Parking spaces in all lots will be available for public parking on both Saturday and Sunday.

Placerville Station II: A free parking facility has been constructed on Mosquito Road. It will be serviced by a free shuttle to old City Hall and will run from 7:00AM to 6:30PM, with 15-minute service during peak hours (7:00AM-9:00AM, 11:00AM-1:00PM, and 4:30PM-6:30PM). During other times, service will be at 30-minute intervals. The Parking Committee and the City are committed to maintaining this as a free shuttle.

Enforcement: Regulations will be enforced from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Saturday (Holidays excepted).

Effective Date: The new regulations will go into effect on January 2, 2007.

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